Start to build your Dream Business - a one day WatchParty

With the strategies of Sigrun and the coaching of Jeanet Bathoorn

18th of September 2018, start 9.00 AM (C.E.T.)

Learn what you need. Implement Fast.

We will do something special. For you!
Jeanet Bathoorn organizes the 'Build your Dream Business' in one day. We will work virtually together and use the strategies given to us by Sigrun. 

Lifestyle Business Coach Sigrun gave us 8 videos to work with. She covers all aspects of building an online business. 

We will all watch them together. 
Implement her advice, learn a lot that day, change our strategies, inspire each other to think big and grow.  The Watch Party will be hosted on the Freedom Entrepreneur Facebook page. Make sure you get your reminder here. You do not need to sign up.  

Get your reminder in Messenger:

What we are going to cover

Create your Vision

Business Idea

Revenue Models






You could also watch everything on your own

You could. But I never would advise that to you. 
Watch together. 
Watch and grow with us. 
You can get the 8 part video series here

Build Your Dream Business.
Only you can do that.

It's time for you to be heard and understood. Join our free implementation day (= action!) to learn the 8 steps in building a succesful online business: