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Do you want to be super-proud of your business?
Do you want to shine in pride while announcing your new online course?

Do you want to make good money with that in a way that feels good and ethical and gives your customers the value you want to deliver?

You are ready for the SOMBA-with-bonus experience of Sigrun and me. Especially for the ambitious and motivated entrepreneur who wants to learn all about the latest online marketing and wants to be part of a great community. A community that we call #teamred.  

Join SOMBA now and claim your bonuses with a total worth of € 1.100,00

You finally want
an Online Business! 
discover SOMBA of SIGRUN

SOMBA + my bonus

One of the best deals you can find at this moment.

But eh ... what is SOMBA

SOMBA is Sigrun's ONLINE MBA. The quickest and most affordable way to way an online business. That is, if you are willing to do the work! You don't have to do it alone..

Even more so: it is my experience that working all alone does not bring any progress. My real success came after I seriously invested in business coaching and therefore in myself.  


Some great SOMBA facts

12 months online and live support

One year filled with modules and masterclasses from international business coach Sigrun as well as other experts. The 'Sigrun-live' day in Zürich (included) is your change to see all SOMBA-stars IRL.  


Facebook group international

There is a Facebook group for all current SOMBAs. All SOMBA related questions can be asked and will be answered there. You will get the support you need. There are already several language groups (German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Icelandic).

SOMBA Language groups

Most of us SOMBAs are non-native English speakers. That's why SOMBA has many language groups. There are Dutch, German, Danish, French, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish. You can always get in your own language from the other SOMBAs. 

Sprint weeks in SOMBA

Without telling you all the details SOMBA has certain focus weeks. Everything to make sure you get your results. The SOMBA Summer School is famous already! 

Weekly Office Hours

Each and every week Sigrun is there live for you. She answers the questions in the community. So if you and your buddy cannot figure it out, join the next office hour


Large international network

SOMBA is a movement. There are already hundreds of SOMBA's. You can belong to them. If you have international aspirations this is your amazing first step.  

Monthly Hot Seat Calls

Strategic questions that cannot be answered in the group are meant to be asked in a Hot Seat session. That means 1-on-1 laser-coaching by Sigrun. 

Amazing LIVE Day in Zürich

Every year the Sigrun team organizes a valuable and impressive Sigrun live day. Your chance to meet Sigrun and all the other amazing SOMBAs. The next one is the 19th of October 2019. In Zürich, Switzerland. 


Took the Leap

Took the leap taking a fantastic business mentor, Sigrun, and finally building on my own business and getting results out of that.

Colette Elting Visibility Expert for Lawyers

Do you want to join #TeamRed?

SOMBA hosts all kinds of nationalities already. And I know from experience that wherever I go in Western-Europe I can meetup with SOMBAs. I met them in Vienna, London. Hamburg, Munich, Reykjavik, San Diego. And I know I will meet many many more. Because we become an entrepreneurial family.  

SOMBA and what more?

I want YOU to be successful

I want YOU to shine. 

Because I know how lonely it can be behind your own desk.   

Bonus Overview

If you book SOMBA through my booking link, you will get access to amazing bonuses, having a total worth of over € 1.100. 


Land of Milk & Money: A Brand new Online training for a Breakthrough in your Money Mindset.
As a certified Sacred Money Archetype™️ and author of a book about a breakthrough in your money mindset, I decided to educate more entrepreneurs about their Money Mindset. This training is available per 1st of October 2019. This bonus has a value of € 997.


Kick Off coaching:  What to expect in SOMBA and how to get the most out of it. This kick off coaching is online and will be recorded. I will send you the recording. During this kick off call you get to know the modules in SOMBA, each other and me. This bonus represents € 250.  


Dutch SOMBA groep. This language group in SOMBA is for Dutchies. All language-related questions can be asked in that group. You will get my extra coaching and insights over there.   


You are welcome in the Freedom Entrepreneur® group:  join my extended network and learn how to create more freedom in your life. You can apply to join this free Facebook group.  


Be open for surprises:  you might receive an invitation for an additional Zoom meetings with me. I feel as a SOMBA-mother to you. I will keep an eye on you and whenever possible I will give you some extra TLC or tough love. 

JEANET BATHOORN  //  FreedomEntrepreneur®


I love this picture. Sigrun and I have fun together and I learn a lot from this Icelandic. She is full of energy, ideas keep flowing and she puts them in to action. We love her strategic approach.  

Working with Sigrun means a consistent growth of my revenue. Last year it grew with 60%. And my ambitions are much higher, a 7-figure business within 3 years. 

We all need some patting on the back in order to grow. Sigrun pushed me so firmly that I organize a Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise at the end of 2019 with 100 entrepreneurs. Retreats to the next level! 

Where is your next level? 

We are here to help. 

Jeanet Bathoorn

The 7 reasons I recommend
Sigrun (and SOMBA) :


SOMBA is structured.
Follow the 7 stages and you know what to expect and where to start.


SOMBA is 12 months of building your business.
Building a sustainable online business takes time. You can use these 12 months for a solid foundation and not simply creating an online training. SOMBA is so much more.  


SOMBA has weekly office hours.
Sigrun answers your questions live in the group. ​There is no Marie, Amy or Tony doing that for you. 


SOMBA has monthly Hot Seats
You can apply for a 1-on-1 laser coaching by Sigrun. ​Which is very cool indeed! 


SOMBA gives you materials.
Checklists, planning documents and so much more. Sigrun loves strategies and planning. She share her work documents with you! No more inventing the wheel.  


SOMBA gives results.
By working with Sigrun my business has a solid foundation. My revenue has grown with 300% in the last few years. 


SOMBA gives an international network.
Your business world grows, you start to do things which were not normal for you. Your buddies are here to help and encourage you. 

The best time to start  is ... now!

We all know that time is irreversable. Don't let your precious time slip through your fingers. 

The first 4 years of my business I did everything alone. I suffered from the 'I-can-do-this'-syndrome. I was convinced I could not afford any coaching or help. I wasted so much time.  Please, save yourself that! 

And yes, I know. You want to think it over. You want to know if SOMBA fits you. But believe me, you wished you started SOMBA last year.   

SOMBA is life changing & the best thing ever




100% Transparancy

I am a proud ambassadeur of Sigrun. Which means I am an affiliate for her products and for the quality of her products. Being an affiliate means that I get a commission when you book through my link. That's why I can give you such a great bonus worth over € 1.100.   

Jeanet Bathoorn

These SOMBAs joined through me, read their experiences


Clarifying, Content & Action

I absolutely knew I wanted an online business, but what and how? Sigrun's style caught my attention. After watching some of her videos and masterclasses I took the leap and joined. I want to build an online business so that I can spend the winters in Curacao, my home place. I love SOMBA and joined for the second year. SOMBA clarifies, gives content and puts me into action.

Aduni Mariana Dementia Expert

Lost my 9 to 5 job

I never thought it was possible to:

> Make a Facebook ad that really works
> Setting up an email sequence
> Get over 300 people on my list because of 1 ad
> Have clients

If you think about starting or upscaling a business, SOMBA is for you. See you inside SOMBA, the most supportive program and group there is.

Janet van Spil - Dekker 'Get Out of Overwhelm' Queen

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