Time for ... Shiploads of Money at the Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise 2018

Let's talk MONE¥ MIND$€T 

The Transatlantic Cruise in 2018 will be all about money, money mindset and breakthrough. Where else to work on your money mindset than on a cruise ship in the Caribbean?

Entrepreneurs only!  

As entrepreneurs (well, as a person) we all have money blocks. We just have to learn to deal with them. As an entrepreneur it is very important to have a supportive money mindset. We all need money coming in. 


What's this all about?

A 13-nights Cruise, 14 days

Transatlantic, all inclusive and with fellow entrepreneurs. We are going to cross the ocean! Single occupation in a cabin!


Workshops, exercises, talks. All you need to get your money mindset shifting.

Fellow Entrepreneurs

Self-employed professionals. With a burning ambition to let their business take off. 


Time to finally be alone. Relax, think, write, reflect, swim, dance. Whatever you need!

Fun & Relax

Good company

Enjoy the sun & work

Day trips


Your ship experience

Good & healthy food

Masterminding on deck

Is this for you?

  • Real time and attention for yourself and your business
    Can you remember a time that you could work for days in a row building your business? Without mails, phone calls, family, kids, Facebook? 

  • Surrounded by entrepreneurs who get what you are doing in your business
    Do you know the saying: "You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most"? A supportive network is so important. You can find them on board.

  • Do you have money flowing in?
    As a business you need money flowing in to your business. You can unconsciously block yourself in receiving money. You can sabotage yourself in overspending the money you earn.   

You are a solopreneur, ambitious, eager to learn, open minded and ready for your Next Level! 

Stop thinking!  Just join our Money Mindset Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise right now!

13 nights 14 days, all inclusive, Caribbean, cocktails, good food, healthy food, sport area, swimming, trips to various places. 

cruise curacao freedom entrepreneur cruise

Why a Cruise?

I know from experience that this Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise is the Perfect Start to grow your business and expand your money mindset. You will have TIME! You will get coaching and exercises. And for days on a row you can mastermind with you fellow entrepreneurs.

The magic of the sea is unexplainable. Just imagine being surrounded by water for 7 days in a row. It reconnects you with yourself. With your drive, your why. With us, your new entrepreneurial family. 

A Transatlantic Cruise of 13 nights, starting in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), visiting 2 Caribbean islands and the Azores and ending in Lisbon - Portugal. With other entrepreneurs. With mentoring of Jeanet Bathoorn. With land stops in St. Kitts, Antigua, the Azores and disembarkation in Lisbon (Portugal). And a cabin of your own! 

Embarkation: 14th of April 2018 (in Santo Domingo)

Disembarkation: 27th of April 2018 (in Lissabon)

vrijheidsondernemers cruise april 2018
Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

St Kitts black beach

St. Kitts



Cruise view

Ready for the crossing?

Give me the story

I started organizing Freedom Entrepreneur Cruises a couple of years ago. The first time I crossed the ocean was in December 2015. And I was hooked. The experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a ship is unforgettable. No plane can beat that experience. Imagine waking up for 7 days in a row and only seeing ... sea. And beautiful sunsets. Every day. 

This will be the first Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise in English. And we have plans to really grow this experience and offer it to so much more entrepreneurs. Be a pioneer and embark on this Freedom Entrepreneur Cruise. 

I am en entrepreneur since 2005. And I had my kids in 1997, 1999 and 2004, 3 kids. And believe me, it sometimes was a struggle. My husband and kids do not always like it that I leave the house this often. But I do.

I need to live my dream, my life. I want to be an example for my children. You can do what you want to do

This is why I created the Freedom Entrepreneur brand. For you! So that you can also pursuit your dreams! 

JEANET BATHOORN  //  Freedom Entrepreneur 

Let your business help you in achieving your dream life, full of joy and freedom.


Bestseller author of 5 books, entrepreneur since 2005, mother of 3 kids. Work where you want, when you want and with whom you want. That is freedom! 

What do other 'Cruisers' say about this experience?

lou niestadt

Freedom ... and more!

The Freedom Entrepreneurs Cruise of Jeanet Bathoorn is exactly what it says: Freedom, Cruising and Entrepreneurship. A fantastic way to learn, to work and be free!

LOU NIESTADT  //  Founder of the Wild & Free Society

nel wagner quispel

Breakthrough to the next level

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a daily entrepreneurial workshop was an enriching part in my life. Your dedicated program made this cruise an inpirational journey.

NEL WAGNER - QUISPEL  //  Creator of 'Thuiskomertje', a product for people with dementia

Check ...

What artist / entrepreneur Lou Niestadt made during the cruise? 

Feel the atmosphere and join us in this experience. 


Let's talk Money here:

SECRET: I know you scrolled to the price immediately. You want to know if you can join us

The normal price for this amazing and life changing cruise is ...

€ 5.000

The early bird price (until February 22, 2018) however is ...

€ 3.000

Wait ... this price is for 13 nights, all inclusive AND single occupancy of the cabin.
You don't have to share your cabin with some stranger. You can really relax!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cruise suited for starters? 

Do I need to attend every workshop?

Do we miss a workshop if we do a day trip?

What are my extra costs?

Do I need a credit card?

What is the currency on board?

Is the cruise really all inclusive? 

7 days at sea, isn't that boring?

Is there a meetup before the cruise?

Are there only entrepreneurs on board? 

Can I pay the cruise in a payment plan? 

Can I bring my partner? 

Can I bring my kids?

Is it cold inside the ship?

How much extra money do I need?

Is it fancy, such a cruise ship?

beate thiele fit for crazy goals

Transformation is really possible!

I really had to get used to the idea of combining a cruise and business. The moment I realised that I would be in on board with likeminded entrepreneurs I said YES! We all shared our stories, I felt listened to and I made a huge mindshift in setting myself free. 

BEATE THIELE  //  Fit for Crazy Goals

You are welcome to join us!

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Jeanet Bathoorn -

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All  photos are my photos and contain real people, real Freedom Entrepreneurs.

 The information given here is the best information that I have now. If the cruise company changes its schedule or conditions we just have to adapt. Changes by the cruise company are unforseen and no reason to cancel.