Attract abundance into your life by using your Sacred Money Archetypes™️

Discover how to become a money magnet by deeply knowing and understanding your own connection with money as well as your clients' connection with their €uro's or Dollar$ so that you sell like a pro and feel comfortable with all that money flowing into your business.

This is for you if ...

You have a hard time selling

You have a great offer, your price is OK, but you just cannot seem to convince your potential buyers to register for your products. This is so frustrating. 

Money flows from you and not towards you

You sometimes think of quitting. This whole entrepreneurial thing is not for you and only seems to cost money. Why is money running away from you?

You don't understand why money is hard to get

Other entrepreneurs are thriving, talk about their 6-figure launches and are doing well. And you? Nope. You have a troubled relation with money.

Money is a big issue and stops you from shining

Your money mindset forces you to ask low prices, to think too small and you do not believe this whole abundance concept.

You have been paying a high price, too high ...



No more guessing and being blocked by your money mindset.

Imagine understanding your relationship to money by knowing your money archetypes and recognize the money blueprint of your clients. In a strategy call they might feel you peep inside their head and can read their mind. 

Know what to say during sales calls and convert your clients



What if you could join the abundance movement ... Get rid of your thoughts about lack, forever.

Teach your money archetypes to embrace abundance. Money is everywhere, also for you, so that you live the life of your dreams by running a business that supports you.

You will attract more money after you get to know your archetypes and know how to use them effectively.  


ask higher prices

One of the strongest growth drivers is asking higher prices. You will doubt your prices until you realize you do a disservice to yourself, your clients and to the world by playing small.

After raising your prices your business will (finally) grow and thrive.

Double or triple your prices and let your business thrive. 


I'm Jeanet Bathoorn

A Dutch Business Coach for Experts like authors, coaches, trainers, speakers & consultants who desire to create a good business using their unique expertise. I mentor undervalued experts to thriving freedom entrepreneurs becoming authentically successful & wealthy. 

  • Bachelor International Marketing
  • Love to coach on an identity level
  • Certified NLP Master Coach
  • Certified Sacred Money Archetype™ Coach (Kendall Summerhawk)
  • TCP graduate (Jim Fortin)
  • SOMBA graduate (Sigrun)

Dutch bestselling published author of 8 books about Social Media, Online Marketing, Business Models, Money Mindset and Mastermind Groups.

Podcast Host, No nonsense Business Coach and wonderfully provocative – Dutch approach —> direct & honest 

Mastermind Expert. Running several Mastermind groups for 5- and 6-figure online entrepreneurs.

Fun fact: my dad and grandfather owned a bicycle shop. 

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What real people say:

Simone Koehler Leadership Coach

You connected my head with my heart

Dear Jeanet,

Thank you very much for today's Money Mindset workshop in Zürich. I entered the workshop with self doubts and insecurity about me being self-employed as a leadership coach. After the workshop I feel pumped and very clear that I can do it with success. Mind shifted!

Thanks for your input and expert tips, it helped me a lot. You connected my head with my heart!

Tania Blanco Director Lotus Idea

I could see myself from another perspective

If you asked me why I came today to the workshop 'How to build self-confidence and ask higher prices' in Zürich? I will answer: "The rooted energy of Jeanet Bathoorn attracted me to her workshop. Whatever she could be talking about, I would be there anyway!"

What I got from the workshop: I could see myself from another perspective. You just helped me to realize that I have to do a radical change in my business. Thank you. I love your grounded energy, the energy that you emanate is " I AM FREE"! and being and live with freedom is one of my motors now. Thank you!

Your steps to take


Step 1 - Take the assessment

Take the free Sacred Money Archetypes™️ assessment and create your personal action plan from that. Also notify your network and potential customers about this assessment.


Step 2 - Sign up

Register for this unique Sacred Money Archetypes™️ combined with sales training. You discover your money blueprint, will convert clients during strategy calls and know how to deal with objections. 


Step 3 - Implement & thrive

Implement all your knowledge about the Sacred Money Archetypes™️ and use your personal Power Words to make a difference in your business. You will thrive! 

Money makes or breaks your business

Remember ...

When you started your business ... you were dreaming of freedom, of wealth, of going places. The reality is much harder sometimes. 

You are afraid to really shine. 
You are hesitant to ask higher prices.
You do not feel worthy.
You accepted that money and you are not best friends. 


I totally understand. 

It took me almost 40 years to get a grip on my money mindset, on money as a gift, on living in abundance and trusting myself. 

Know how to convert changes your business

In 2015 I discovered the Sacred Money Archetypes™️, a method by Kendall Summerhawk. That changed my money perspective and my life. Accepting your own money blueprint and recognizing other peoples' blueprints was a game changer. All of a sudden I felt confident during strategy calls, I converted my prospects into high end paying customers. Today I convert people to programs that cost € 15.000. 

Money stories are of the past

You do not need to change your money stories to have a wealthier life. You just change the stories about you! 

I know! 

That simple. 

You find it hard to believe that your money mindset can change? 
Educate yourself, experiment and implement. 

Your results will come. 

"Man can only receive what he sees himself receiving.”
― Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of Life and How To Play It

Programme Overview


Sacred Money Archetypes™
  • Not only a deep dive in your own Money Archetypes and what they can do for you, but ...
  • Also a clear explanation of how to use the Money Archetype in your sales calls
  • You learn to identify the buying triggers from your potential clients

2 modules

28 bright videos


Nail your Strategy Calls
  • Receive an extensive manual of how to lead a converting sales call 
  • Grow your confidence forever and learn to sell like a pro, with ease and grace
  • This module includes a practical template that you can use on a daily basis

1 module

11 instructive videos


Deal with objections with grace & ease
  • You know what your potential says after a strategy call ... no money, no time, no ... Objections all over the place. 
  • After finishing this module you know exactly what to say, no matter the objection
  • Even better: objections are fun

1 modules

6 supportive videos

39 Lessons, structured in 5 modules





Simpler, faster and more effective, flexible move. Achieve more with a small investment


One Time Payment

The simplest, fastest and most effective, flexible move.

I wonder if you have noticed ...

Have you already noticed how powerful your money mindset is? This whole set of thoughts and beliefs have determined your success so far. 

Until ...

you master your thoughts about money, sales and the buying triggers of your clients

After ...

finishing this unique and powerful online training you will rock your sales with ease and confidence

100% online (of course)

I can fully understand that you want to start RIGHT NOW to transform your money mindset. You are done with this lack of money and with clients who keep saying no to your offers. That's why you can start right after your purchase. And if you want to binge watch the whole training, I am your biggest supporter. Everything is ready for you. 

European & Practical Approach ;)

When you invest time and money in transforming your money mindset, you want the results as soon as possible. We, Europeans, totally get that. As a Dutch business coach I am known for my efficiency and practical approach. Money is your lifeline, your energy, your biggest fan. Money is already there, you just have to manifest and welcome it in your life. Without overthinking. 

Unique combination of self knowledge and sales skills

Knowing yourself is the key for your success, they say. You must have heard that. Until you master your thoughts about money, about your skills and about your preparation for sales calls, you will not get what you want   

After you learn about money mindset and sales calls you will totally nail your sales calls and convert your clients into well paying clients. I wonder if you're beginning to realize how powerful these skills and knowledge are. They can change your life!

Real Success Stories

The best thing about the course were the videos in which Jeanet explained every detail about the money archetypes. In this way I not only learned more about myself, but also learned how to recognize the money archetype from my potential clients. This helped me a lot with getting to know the objections and desires of my potential client, communicate on a deeper level and making my offer more appealing.

Anne Neijnens

Workation Expert

You should really do this course. It is well structured, easy to follow and to complete and finish, has lots of value and is very practical. It gives good insights in your mindset patterns regarding money, how to work with them and how to use them in your sales. It contains a very clear step-to-step explanation of the structure of a sales call (Jeanet takes you by the hand and does not allow you getting lost or overwhelmed). after finishing it will be crystal clear to you what you have to change to improve your sales process and more off you cannot wait to implement it and waiting for the results!

Ellen Stokman

Market Researcher

Jeanet is a highly respected and well-known business coach in the Netherlands. She is a pioneer in this field and a trailblazer for many (aspiring, female) entrepreneurs. Aside from being spot on in her business analyses, she also is so much fun to work with! A great sense of humor, no-nonsense, down-to-earth and accessible. I love working with Jeanet, I’m grateful for her insights and can highly recommend her coaching

Eva Brouwer

Speaker & Host


You will receive 2 extra super valuable masterclasses in which I give you

  1. the Power Words per Sacred Money Archetype™
  2. and you will be introduced to the Antagonists of each archetype.

Knowing what drives you and your client is super helpful and will improve your sales and business success in a big way. 

Frequently asked questions


Can I start right away?

Absolutely! After your payment you get access to the FULL training. Your money transformation starts now!

Is coaching included?

No, you don't really need that. This whole training is perfect for self study. After having finished this unique training you can book additional coaching calls or a Money Archetype Reading. 

Can I book extra coaching?

Yes, you can. This will be private coaching and focuses on your money archetypes and sales strategy. Send a mail to connect@jeanetbathoorn.nl

transformation is forever

HELP, I do not understand the payment form

Some parts of the payment form are in Dutch. Use Google Translate to understand all fields or let us assist you. Send a message to connect@jeanetbathoorn.nl. Sorry for the inconvenience. The Dutch payment software is working fine as long as you understand Dutch. 

How long is the content available?

As long as you need it. The training is hosted in Kajabi and as long as my business keeps using Kajabi you will get access to all of the material. 

How long will my transformation last?

Changing and transforming on an identity level is forever. You can never go back to this person you were and didn't like. If you find yourself on a slippery slope again, go back into the content and reinforce yourself. 

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  • jeanet@vrijheidsondernemers.nl

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