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295. Sigrun: selfmade millionaire, online business, mindset, trends

As a great exception I recorded one episode in English to interview a woman who means a great deal to me. She shows me the way to the 7-figures and she is on a mission to show it to so many more women.

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You are going to listen to a 40-minute talk with Icelandic selfmade millionaire Sigrun. Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs in Europe, TEDx speaker, and host of the Sigrun Show podcast. Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, she has spent more than half her life outside her home country; in Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Her dream was to be location independent so she could split her time between Iceland and Switzerland, travel the world, and take care of her health. So in 2014, Sigrun started her online business and quickly built a multiple 7 figure coaching business. With a membership, coaching programs and masterminds she helps women from all over the world start, build, and scale their online businesses to 6 and 7 figures.

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